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Distributor Opportunities

Serum Source International has always been highly regarded as a world class supplier of finished serum products within the United States of America and several International countries including, but not limited to, Japan, Korea, Singapore, India, Canada, Taiwan and Hong Kong.  The quality of our products, bulk availability and ease of distribution make Serum Source International a logical choice when looking to expand your product range.  We offer many of our products to the distributor market to be sold under private label or as the Serum Source International brand of premium grade serum. Serum Source International offers standard FBS lot sizes up to 1000 liters with the capability to offer custom made to order (MTO) larger size lots with the option for extended testing and /or further treatments, such as, but not limited to heat inactivation, gamma irradiation, dialyzation and/or charcoal stripping.  

Serum Source International is a trusted source for many companies looking to expand web presence through a greater product selection without maintaining onsite inventory.  We provide services to discretely drop ship products anywhere within the USA and to a number of International countries.

Please contact us at 704-588-6607 or sales@serumsourceintl.com for further information to learn how to set up your account today!